The Visionary Art of Carl Ward


From 1993 onwards It took 35 thousand hours of paint time to complete Gaia. She was finished in the year 2000. After waiting for technology to advance far enough & Carl being a complete technophobe early on in life its taken until 2012 to get it digitally scanned, repainted & ready for the public at large. Since 2002 the companion painting has been underway entitled ‘Jah’.

Jah contains a similar environmental message to Gaia, but from the perspective of a male deity. Carl continues to paint Jah at his Somerset studio, but this is a slow and somewhat painful process due to injuries sustained from being crushed by a lorry in April 2011( 46 rib fractures etc..). So, Jah will eventually be a finished piece, but finish date unknowable. Meanwhile, enjoy Gaia and gallery pictures of her at festivals across Europe . A few pictures of Jah as work in progress will also follow.

Thank you, and enjoy; Carl ward

GAIA (AQUARIUS DAWN) Hand Painted on 12 x Panels 11ft High by 6ft Across